Cavalier Tool

Cavalier Tool trusted us to create a visual story of how Cavaliers amazing team takes a mold from design to manufacture and through to delivery. 

Work Based Learning Consortium

We rely on our experts to train the next generation but how do you make your experts into effective trainers. We develop powerful training courses to help. 

Aalbers Tool & Mold

Skilled labour is in high demand. Aalbers Tools and Mold asked us to create a video to attract new employees to their company. 

GS Engineering

Sometimes you have an incredible process to show off and need a confident sexy video to do that. 


We were blessed to be able to travel through Eastern Europe to film and share the wonderful ministry that Eurovangelism has been doing for 40 years.

Crest Mold Technology

At a trade show you have very little time to make an impression. Crest Mold Technology asked us for a video that was visually impactful to play on loop at their booth. 

The Storage Box

If your customers are happy let them shout it to the world. Testimonial videos are a great way to brag.

Canadian Association of Mold Makers

Canada offers some of the best Mold Makers in the world. We are proud that CAMM trusted us to showcase this talent to the world.